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The new QiOne
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A gadget used by World Record Holders and Olympic Athletes for self-improvement.


More than 2.500 satisfied customers




biol. HRV age (short-term HRV):
56 years



biol. HRV age (short-term HRV):
61 years

With QiOne


biol. HRV age (short-term HRV):
47 years

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Over 2,500
satisfied users

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More than 2.500 satisfied customers


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  2 Pro

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Effect confirmed on human cells!

Increased Cell Metabolism

Protection from E-Smog

Protection from E-Smog

Short interview with the Founder of Qi Blanco

Everything started as...

an R&D Manager in the automotive industry. Based on the development of forging parts, I was always involved in the development of lubrication liquids that are both highly efficient and 100% environment friendly. The only possible solution was the coherent state of water. A super state of water – also known as structured water, extended zone water or just “easy water”.

The coherent state of water has always been a part of my history. Evolving my person, I asked myself the question: Which improvements would a person accomplish, if he or she increased the amount of coherent water in his or her body? Based on the fact that we are almost made out of water, the impact must be tremendous.

Inspired by this idea, I wanted to develop a tool that brings this massive technology to everyones life. Now, after several years of development, we are glad to introduce the QiOne® 2 Pro. We are able to provide humanity with a gadget whose benefits are amazing. On one side it reduces the effects of EMF impact by up to 90% and on the other side it boosts the cell metabolism up to 15%. And that just by wearing it around the neck! How awesome is that?

On top of that, we presented a study on human cells in 2021 that leaves no room for doubt. See cell test results.

Maybe that’s the main reason why Frank Delventhal – a three times world record holder – uses the QiOne® 2 Pro for every training. But also Olympic Athletes are starting to notice the QiOne® 2 Pro. Constantin Preis, a multiple gold medalist, relies on this amazing gadget.

In daily life our customers report increased sleeping performance and a highly focused state. This is what makes the QiOne® 2 Pro the ultimative gadget for everyone who truly wants to improve their state.

Be one of the first in the USA and order the QiOne® 2 Pro now!

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The QiOne
  2 Pro

Your portable cell protection

The QiHome

The amplifier for your home
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Interview with The Souldoctors

'Careful – the QiOne® is irresistible, once you wear it, you can’t live without it!'

Earlier this year, I started to notice a slick steel and gold pendant named QiOne ®️ hanging around the necks of some athletes, digital nomads, and biohackers. I was told it supposedly helped them against radiations and much more but to be honest I simply assumed it to be yet another gadget. This invention is different. Unlike most products that claim to stop radiations, this technology is about helping the body to thrive in their presence.Let’s face it, we can’t really stop radiations. So could there be a way to make our bodies strong enough to deal with them? This is the idea behind the QiOne ®️ device… Just as with everything, it’s the inner changes that are the most powerful and impactful ultimately. so I believe.

With much love,