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Ceremonial Cocoa

Enhance Your Intuition With Psychoactive Cocoa

1. Traditional Cultivation

2. Mayan Recipe

3. Natural Ingredients

Raw, Untreated Ceremonial Cocoa
Each Piece Is One Of A Kind

Strengthen Your Intuition

"All of my best decisions in business and in life have been made with heart, intuition, guts... not analysis."

Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon

The most successful entrepreneurs all talk about the importance of intuition.  And what do they say about the mind? That’s best used for rational arithmetic operations.

Intuition is the coherence with rational mind, gut (your second brain) and heart: everything working in harmony.

Life is akin to Monopoly for our souls. We accumulate experiences through life events. While we might have an ideal soul plan, the challenge is in deciding whether to serve our higher consciousness or our rational mind. Thanks to free will, each and every day we can decide anew which path to pursue. Do we make choices that contribute to wholeness and wellbeing? Or do we follow a road that pulls us away?

The stronger your intuition, the better your decision-making becomes.

The health effects of cocoa range from boundless joy of the heart to crystal clear focus and deepening peace of mind.

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Kakao Zubereitung


Piura Blanco is white cocoa from the Piura Valley, grown in northern Peru along the border with Ecuador.

Grown in a dry forest with little to no rain, it’s hard to imagine how a tropical crop like cocoa can survive. It’s the monsoon floods, which originate in the Andes and travel out to the sea, that replenish the groundwater and enable the white cacao to withstand the heat.

Piura Blanco is an “albino” descendant of an older native cacao: the only mutation that has survived the otherwise forgotten corner of the arid Piura Valley.

Classification by chocolatiers: red berries, oriental spices and and a touch of pine.

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Manufacture In The Tradition Of The Mayans

Manufacturing Process:

    1. Roasted in the traditional Mayan way, the ingredients are activated and made bio-available
    2. Cold granite rollers grind and conch the beans

    3. Beans are carefully mixed and stirred for 36 hours without any heat. This guarantees maximum preservation of ingredients
    4. The cocoa bean paste is poured into specific molds

    5. The mixture rests for prolonged period of time at room temperature

    6. Packaged with dedication, honor and respect for what has been created


We refrain from active heating as well as cooling, which is used in classic chocolate production. Thus, the cocoa remains what it is – medicine for heart and soul.

Cocoa Ceremony: Cures

5-Day Short Cure

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To Become Conscious: 150g

Want to try it out first before going gangbusters? If so, our short cure is for you! Get enchanted by the power of our 5-portion Ceremonial Cocoa.

33-Day Intensive Cure

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For Sustainable Transformation: 1000g

Our recommendation: Get started right away and be prepared for 33 days of wellbeing and welcome long-lasting changes.

And save 31%

30 grams of ceremonial cocoa per day with still spring water

  1. Gentle Preparation
  2. Combined with a 5-minute meditation
  3. Ideal for starting the day
  4. With water, the cocoa has the strongest effect, but you are welcome to refine it with milk or milk alternatives, as well as spices such as cinnamon, turmeric or even a pinch of salt
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Ceremonial Cocoa

Enhance Your Intuition With Psychoactive Cocoa

  1. Traditional Cultivation

  2. Mayan Recipe

  3. Natural Ingredients

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