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The invisible enemy

Many people feel increased tiredness in their everyday life and wake up more tired when they go to bed. Their ears become warm when talking on the phone, their eyes hurt after long PC work.

E-Smog – the synonym for electromagnetic radiation exposure

Considered esotericism nonsense many years ago is now scientifically proven: The influence of electromagnetic radiation – commonly known as e-smog – on our body and the body’s functions.

What is the cause?

E-smog is the term for the electromagnetic waves emitted by everyday technical devices.

This list includes all inventions of modern times:
Cell phones, TVs, microwave ovens, induction stoves, electric cars, electric scooters, and, not to forget, radio towers. 

Since 5G, e-smog has been on everyone’s mind.

Could we be without these products, which often ease our lives? Perhaps. Do we want to live without? Not really!

A contradiction that we face every day.

What Does E-Smog Do To Us?

Electromagnetic radiation or waves penetrate our body.
The easiest way for electromagnetic radiation to penetrate our body is via openings that have been designed by nature to receive waves. The eyes are the best-known example: they receive light. Light are waves of a certain frequency range. Another example are the ears, which were developed to receive (sound) waves.

However, electromagnetic radiation also penetrates our body directly through the skin. Studies have shown that e.g. 5G leads to a warming of the upper skin layer. According to the Federal Ministry for Radiation Protection, the long-term effects are still unknown.
There is a lack of studies. Active cell damage, such as cancer, is being discussed in connection with electromagnetic radiation.

The Coherent Water Structure: The Protective Shield of our Body

How does the body protect itself from e-smog?

The body can generally deal with e-smog. It has a natural protective shield against electromagnetic radiation. It coats the cells with an electron sheath.

This electron sheath protects the cells from electromagnetic radiation. It works similar to lightning striking a car. The electrons remain on the outside of the car body: all occupants are protected. This effect has already been proven in many experiments where people sat or stood in cages that were struck with millions of volts. Nothing happened to them because the electrons could not reach the inside of the cage.

What does the body need for the electron sheath?

The electron shell is created when the water in the body reaches its super state – the coherent state.

The coherent water structure is created by reaching 13.35 eV per water molecule. The angle between the molecules opens up from 104.5° to 109.5°.

The fascinating and nowadays still very little researched effect is that in this state, the water releases 13% of its electrons as an independent electron shell.

This state then creates a kind of “Faraday Cage” that protects the cells surrounded by coherent water.

The effects of electromagnetic waves (E-smog) on the cells are reduced since the waves no longer penetrate the cell.

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The Frequency Makes the Difference!

What happens when NATURAL waves penetrate the body?

The sun radiates (light) waves to the earth. On earth, they are partially reflected, for example, by the surface of a stone. The reflected waves fall then into our eye, creating a stimulus in the optic nerve. This stimulus is again a wave passed on to the brain via the nerve tracts.

In this case, the wave is interpreted and made available to our mind as an image. We can now understand what color the stone is and where it is located. 

What happens when TECHNICAL waves penetrate the body?

Most technical waves are in the non-visible range. In other words, the waves exist, but when they enter our eye, they are not transformed into an image.

Yet, the optic nerve is still strained, even if we do not get an image.

If we now transfer this effect to the entire body, all cells are constantly irradiated with technical electromagnetic waves, causing over-stimulation.

The symptoms are pain in certain areas, sleep disturbances (brain cannot switch off at night), locally heated areas, or similar.

How can the body's own protection be measured?

The effects of e-smog on the autonomic nervous system can be shown very well by measuring heart rate variability [HRV]. In simplified terms, this is a high-resolution electrocardiogram [ECG]. The total output of the body is given in the biological HRV age. In comparison to the average person, the measured values result in an age of the body. The lower the calculated biol. HRV age the better the body functions.

Inactivation of mobile phone radiation by QiOne® 2 Pro

Inactivation of mobile phone radiation by QiOne® 2 Pro

Presentation of the results on the superoxide anion radical generation by functional neutrophils after 4 hours of exposure to the radiation of an actively transmitting mobile phone without protection and after protection by QiOne® 2 Pro. The untreated controls are set as „100 %“. The positions of the flasks are marked as UL ( = upper left), UR (= upper right), LL (= lower left), LR (= lower right). 

QiOne® 2 Pro protected cells showed a much lower reduction in superoxide anion radical generation at all culture flask positions. In total, it was reduced to 84.7 ± 7.0 % (mean value ± standard deviation), which is nearly 50 % better than for the unprotected cells. The difference between both situations, unprotected cells and QiOne® 2 Pro protected cells, was highly significant (p ≤ 0.01; two-tailed Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test). 

With the development of the grid chip, an impressive development has taken place. The protection possibilities for the body were revolutionized. An electron sheath is formed around the cells through the coherent water molecules.
This directly influences the effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure.

E-Smog & the Technology behind Qi Blanco

Coherency – The Super State of Water

How can the coherent state be expanded?

The QiOne® and QiHome® support the self-optimizing property of water molecules to develop coherent structures.

In incoherent water, water molecules collide and generate interference frequencies. This is called “thermal noise”. This causes the smallest frequencies of the cells to be superimposed: the body no longer “hears” them.

Due to the strict arrangement in coherent water, the molecules no longer collide with each other. The thermal noise is minimized. As a result, even the smallest frequencies can travel unhindered through the body and pass these on to the body matrix.

You can read the detailed explanation here: Technology

The Qi Blanco Systems®️ promote the formation of coherent water structures through their grid chip.
It is thus possible for all water molecules in the body to assume the superstate of water. 


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More than 2.500 satisfied users

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