Give the gift of wellbeing!

Have you been wanting (and waiting) to find that perfect gift?
How about something that elevates the body to the next level?

Inner Peace And Wellbeing

Protection From E-Smog

Enhanced Intuition

A Lifetime Investment

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Make that special someone happy – with a gift card that makes you both feel gooood

  • 100% secure payment
  • no expiration date
  • applicable to all Qi Blanco® products
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The Foundation Of Our Evolution

Holistic Health Coach Joshua from NYC talks about his experience

Effect confirmed on human cells!

Study on Immune Cells

Study on Intestinal Cells

Can you see the effect?
Yes, even under the microscope!

Our Products

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For the most relaxed & effective home.

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Experience the world of coherent water structure.

Second generation: Now even stronger!

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The ultimate companion for your QiOne®

Interviews Of The Founders

Interviews Of The Founders

How does one get the idea to bring such extraordinary products into the world?

What is the history and motivation behind the Qi Blanco® products and what does the quantum field have to do with all this? Listen to it and learn about Christian’s and Anna’s vision, backgrounds and their personal experiences in this video.

Learn more about the unique aspects of our products in this video

The advantages of coherent structures in your home

Relaxed Atmosphere

Longer Lasting Food

Vibrant Children

Relaxed Pets

Put a Smile on that Special Someone’s Face