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Podcast: The QiOne
  2 Pro starts working where it is needed the most

When Christian Bauer (Founder of Qi Blanco®) and Joshua Holland (Natural Biohacker) sat down to talk about Qi Blanco®, they came up with this wonderful piece that is certainly going to help you understand the unique inner workings behind the QiOne® 2 Pro.

Listen to this illuminating podcast to learn how the technology does not work for you but with you.

As Christian beautifully said: it starts where it is needed most in the body.

What exactly does that mean? Well, take a listen. It’s worth your time. 😉

Protection against 5G – and Rejuvenation

“Our body cells are 99 percent water. Therefore, the key to health should also be in water,” thought engineer Christian Bauer a few years ago.

At the time, he was overweight, overworked, overloaded with toxins – and by his late 20s he looked like some people at 50. A demanding job in industry had exhausted him. He began intensive research and was overwhelmed by findings such as the fact that our genes actually predict that we will easily live to be 120 years old – in perfect health.

Matthias Langwasser

Protection Against E-Smog With Modern Technology

“The fear of electro smog was once considered unfounded scare tactics from the esoteric corner. Today we know that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) do indeed have a negative effect on our health and energy levels. How can we protect ourselves from them?” – BRAINEFFECT

How To Protect Yourself Against Electrosmog With Coherent Water

“The biohacker and inventor Christian Bauer is the founder of the Berlin start-up company Qi Blanco. The graduate mechanical engineer was interested in new technologies as a child. During his intensive career in the automotive industry, he devoted himself to self-study in the evenings, bringing together the latest trends in biochemistry, quantum physics and neuroscience to protect himself from electrosmog and electromagnetic frequencies”.
Mag. Dr. Erich Frischenschlager

Natural Biohacking Using Frequency Technology

“Christian Bauer is the founder of Qi Blanco. The graduate mechanical engineer has always been interested in new technologies. After intensive self-study in quantum physics and neuroscience, he developed the QiOne® – a pendant that increases body activity and cell regeneration”. – Robin Stolberg

Lifehack Podcasts

Your Brain - Your Quantum Computer

“Your brain (mine too) is constantly sending information to all your 80 trillion body cells and these responses to it.

However, stress, environmental influences, electrosmog, environmental toxins and much more disturb this communication, disturb the waves themselves or the antennas of the cells… ” – Lisa Mestars

The End of the Hamster Wheel

“Christian tells us how, as an employed engineer, he was absolutely stuck in the hamster wheel, so much so that he spent the last two days of the week in the pub, smoked a pack a day, was overweight, was on the verge of burnout and received virtually zero recognition for what he did every day. He’s talking about the point where he understood that things can’t go on like this.” – Marion Engelbrecht

What You Can Do If You Control Your Brain

“We use only a fraction of the potential of our brain and even how this fraction works is often a mystery to many. What if you finally understood how to control your brain?” – Patrick Thiele

Spirituality Is a Living Form of Quantum Physics

Ilyas is definitely one of those people who does not mince his words. Christian was a guest on his couch and there was a lot of laughter.⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In this podcast you will learn how Ilyas won his QiOne at the DNX festival, what Christian sees as one of the key mechanisms of healing stones and what it could mean for humanity to practice shaping matter with the mind.

Science & Spirituality

“How are science and spirituality compatible?

What does the coherent water content in your body? Learn in this episode how Christian Bauer went from being an employee to a self-healing pioneer and how truthfulness, perception and choice also have to do with YOUR life. – YourBannisterMile

More Livability and Balance With the QiOne®

“In this episode we talk to Christian Bauer about his latest product – the QiOne®.

From the idea to the finished product & marketing – which challenges did Christian master? Listen in and find out.” – Yara Joy & Sonic Blue aka DNX