Create Your Oasis of Well-Being

Create Your Oasis
of Well-Being

The Advantages of Coherent Structures in Your Home

Geopathogene Strahlung
Coherent Drinking Water
Protection from E-Smog
Enhanced Plant Growth
Protection Of Geopathogenic Radiation
Deeper Sleep
Ideal For Travelling

The new QiHome

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The ultimate protection for you and your home!

  • 5G & E-Smog Protection
  • Longer Lasting Food
  • Strengthened Children
  • Relaxed Pets
  • Ideal for Travel

Create Your Oasis With The QiHome

The Technology behind Qi Blanco


100x More Powerful

The QiHome® Grid Chip™ is designed to provide your entire home with the coherent structure. This is achieved by a specially developed quartz oscillator, which amplifies the range of the QiHome® many times over.

The QiHome® Air significantly increases the coherent structure of the water. This can easily be recognized by the increased surface tension of the water. Your body consists of 99% water molecules. If the proportion of coherent water increases, the following effects in your body are maximized:

1. Increased body activity

Brain frequencies can spread optimally in coherent water 

2. E-Smog Protection

13% of the electrons of the coherent water are released as an independent electron shell

3. Active cell protection

Viruses and bacteria cannot penetrate coherent water

The QiHome® Air does not contain any electronic components. The specially developed Grid Chip™ is decisive for its function. Its static field shapes the water molecules, largely achieved by the specific atomic positioning of gold atoms. This structure increases the probability that water will build up hydrogen bonds. This state is called coherent water structure and is also known as EZ-Water (extended zone).

The coherent state of water is self-propagating and the bloodstream evenly distributes it throughout the body.

Your QiHome® connects to the ground wire of any electrical outlet.

This enables your QiHome® to extend its sphere of action over the entire living space to form coherent structures.

Strengthened Climate

The revolutionary thing about the QiHome® is that previously coherent water structures could only be produced with great effort. Large and expensive water swirlers help the water to reach the coherent state by mechanical methods. The disadvantage – the coherent structures only apply to drinking water.

The QiHome® can do both, it increases the coherent part in your drinking water and your breathing air.

Thus your home experiences a strong climate.

Built For Performance

The QiHome® with its specially developed quartz oscillator is 100x more powerful than a single QiOne®. It helps all water molecules in your home to form coherence. Whether in the refrigerator or in the water pipes – the QiHome® reaches every area. 


The QiHome® accesses the grounding cable of the power outlet and uses it as an antenna. Thus, the entire living space is covered. The coherent structure spreads through the masonry and through the humidity of the air in your entire home.  

A strengthened climate for your home

Transfer the coherent water structure to your home and reduce the effects of e-smog to a minimum.

The Remarkable Effect on Food

Coherent Structures in Organic Food


A.W. Dänzer, an Austrian researcher, has developed an exciting procedure. Food is cut up, evaporated, and then analyzed under a dark-field microscope. Organic foods have such a high coherent water content that crystalline structures are formed again. Non-organic foods show only very little crystal formation. 

If you would like to know more about the fascinating work of A.W. Dänzer, you will find more information in his impressive book “The invisible power in food.”


Let your QiHome® generate coherent water for you.