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„I am thrilled about Qi Blanco.We took the house system and the QiOne and immediately noticed a strong improvement in water quality and an energy increase in general.🙂 Highly recommendable‼️"

Thilo Vierheilig

The Advantages of Coherent Structures in Your Home


Recreational Atmosphere


Longer Lasting Food


Strengthened Children


Relaxed Pets

Recreational Atmosphere

Longer Lasting Food

Strengthened Children

Relaxed Pets


Protection from geopathogenic radiation


Soft Lime


Plant Growth


Visitors feel good


5G Protection


Deepest Sleep


Perfect for Travelling


Coherent Drinking Water

Protection from geopathogenic radiation

Soft Lime

Strong Plant Growth

Visitors feel good

100x more powerful than a single QiOne

100x more powerful than a single QiOne

Your QiHome® connects to the ground wire of any electrical outlet.

This allows your QiHome®️ to spread its area of effect over the entire living space to form coherent structures there.

The specially developed quartz oscillator makes it 100x more powerful than a single QiOne®. It supports all water molecules in your home to form coherence.

By drawing on the ground wire of the electrical outlet, the QiHome® uses it as an amplifier. In this way, the entire living space is covered. The coherent structure spreads throughout your living space through the masonry and through the moisture in the air.

Whether it’s in the refrigerator or the faucet, it reaches every corner of your accommodation.

General information about the QiHome

The revolutionary thing about QiHome® is that coherent water structures were previously very costly to produce – using large and expensive water turbulators. With these systems only coherent drinking water was produced. The QiHome® additionally transforms the entire living space into a coherent environment.

Through the ground wire, all the way through the masonry, to the water in the air – everything takes on a coherent water structure.

This is the maximum possible experience of regeneration and protection from e-smog.


Relaxed Pets

The coherent water structure has the same meaning for your dearest companions as for yourself. How often have they been there for you? Now you can truly give something back.

The share of increased coherent water structures can do wonders for your pet, too. Users report from faster wound healing to deep relaxation. Experience your pet at its very best now!

Protection against e-smog

An electron shield for cells is created when the water in the body assumes its superstate – the coherent state.

In this state, the water deposits 13% of its electrons as an independent electron shell.

A kind of “Faraday Cage” is created, which protects the cells surrounded by coherent water.

The effects of electromagnetic waves (e-smog) on the cells are reduced since the waves can no longer penetrate the cell.


Deepest Sleep

Since every water molecule in your home is now coherent, it is once again easier for the body itself to be fully coherent. Even under the greatest amount of stress, the level remains very high.

Even strong sources of radiation like w-lan routers or a cell phone tower cause hardly any measurable oxidative stress. This finally enables the quality of sleep you’ve been looking for!

Food lasts longer

What is the reason for this?

The coherent structure also builds up in the refrigerator. Thus, for example, the water in a banana peel is in an increased coherent state. This significantly slows down the fermentation process. The result is a banana that already has very black spots on the outside – but is light yellow on the inside and therefore still offers the classic pleasant taste.

In this way, you also make an active contribution to
to wasting less food.


Enhanced Plant Growth

It has already been proven in studies that cell cultures grow approx. 23% faster in a Petri dish with coherent water.

With the QiHome® you can now experience this at home too. No matter whether the cherry tree in the garden, the geraniums on the balcony or our beloved houseplants. All experience unprecedented growth and beautiful blooms due to their coherent water structure.

Coherent Drinking Water

The QiHome® gives you unlimited free coherent drinking water!

Spring water naturally has a high percentage of coherent structure. Now your tap water resembles spring water – at no additional cost!

Support your body with a coherent drinking water cure easily from home.


Lime becomes soft and easy to clean

You will find much less solid lime in the kettle. Instead, the lime is flocculated and feels rather soft.

What is the reason for this? The QiHome® also forms a coherent structure here, so that the lime takes on a soft, crystalline structure when it flocculates. Therefore, it can be filtered out very easily with a sieve insert. Cleaning becomes much easier and is necessary much less often.

Protection from geopathogenic radiation

Geopathogenic radiation has many names: Earth rays, water veins, grids, rock fractures and faults. Measurable deviations of the earth’s magnetic field occur above underground watercourses and earth fault lines. This phenomenon causes e.g. sleep disturbances or general sensitivities in people with a high body sensation.

Due to the different earth conditions these geopathogenic radiations get their individual frequency spectrum. Depending on the personal physical condition, sensitive people in particular find this extremely unpleasant.


What is important to understand here is that in the end all these geopathogenic radiations are also ” just” electromagnetic radiations. It is therefore an additional radiation exposure to the technically generated, such as cell phone or radio radiation.

It is helpful to strengthen and support the body’s natural radiation protection in this case as well.

Coherent water structures deposit 13% of their electrons as their own electron shell and thus create a kind of “Faraday Cage” for the cells and the DNA within.

Therefore, the expansion of the coherent water structure in the body and in the home is the ideal solution to counteract the stress caused by geopathogenic radiation.

The QiHome® is our strongest and best system to oppose geopathogenic radiation.

You still got any questions
regarding the QiHome

The QiHome® supports the self-optimizing property of water molecules to develop coherent structures.
In incoherent water, the water molecules collide with each other and generate interference frequencies.
This reaction is called “thermal noise”. This causes the smallest frequencies of the cells to be
superimposed: the body no longer “hears” them.
Due to the strict arrangement in coherent water, the molecules no longer collide with each other. The thermal noise is reduced to a minimum. As a result, even the smallest frequencies can travel unhindered
through the body and pass them on to the body matrix.

Read more here: The Technology behind Qi Blanco®


Directly the coherent part in the body can be measured via the blood. Coherent water absorbs more light at 270nm. The higher the absorption rate of the blood at 270nm, the higher the proportion of coherent water structure in the blood.

Indirectly the content can be measured via a HRV or ECG device. The higher the proportion of coherent water in the body, the more blood is pumped through the veins and arteries per second when blood pressure is reduced. The result is, for example, a very low resting pulse rate and a rapid levelling off to the resting pulse rate after periods of stress.


The Qi Blanco® products ALWAYS work.


The perception can change over time. Many people do not feel it so intensively after a few days. This is where the “habituation effect” of the body occurs. The healthy water structure in your body becomes a daily routine.

There are people who do not notice any difference.

Here there can be two causes – a lack of body awareness or a high coherent state cannot be achieved permanently.
The causes are different:

E.g. because of excessive consumption of drugs (nicotine, caffeine, teaine, alcohol, medication) and/or classic dehydration (less than 3 litres of water per day).

The QiHome® with its specially developed quartz oscillator is about 100x more powerful than a single QiOne®.

With the QiHome® you not only take care of yourself but also of your whole family. Even your pets, plants, water, food and your visitors will benefit.

This means it helps all water molecules in your home to form coherence.
Whether in the refrigerator or the tap – the QiHome® reaches every area.

The QiHome® accesses the ground cable of the power outlet and uses it as an antenna. Thus the entire living space is covered. The coherent structure spreads through the masonry and through the humidity of the air throughout your entire home.

All areas of your living space are reached, including all living beings, plants and food. Thus everything reaches a coherent state.


Not only you are strengthened the next day, but also your plants, pets, children and even your food – and of course the tap water in your home benefits from the expansion of the coherent water structure.


We refer to the legal right of return of 14 days.

Contact us by email before sending it back.
You will receive an insured return label from us.
Return the product well packed in a package.
After receipt of the goods the money will be refunded.


You can pay with us via PayPal or Klarna on installments.
The minimum amount at Klarna starts at 6,95€ per month.

You can find more information directly in the checkout.

Note: Payment by installments is not guaranteed for every customer. After entering your data, a credit check will be carried out by the provider – and then it will be decided if a credit will be offered.

The development of the Qi Blanco® products was based on the hypotheses of the French physicist Jean Émile Charon (1920 – 1998). He developed the complex theory of relativity in the 70s and 80s.

With these approaches it is possible to achieve a strong miniaturization of components, which ultimately define the Qi Blanco® products.

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What Our Users Say

Customer Profile

Yara Joy

“One of the main reasons I got the QiOne® is to protect my body from the effects of e-smog. I work online and am therefore constantly surrounded by Wifi & Co.

That the QiOne® can do much more, I only realized later. It really increases the general well-being extremely.

I was recently at an examination with a bioresonance device. All values were in the green range with the QiOne® – simply incredible.

In the field of frequency and energy healing, humanity is still in its infancy. For me, the QiOne® is the absolute technological leader.

> Future Medicine Will Be The Medicine Of Frequencies < – Albert Einstein

It’s great that Qi Blanco® is making the world a better place with QiOne® and is part of a big change. Everyone needs a QiOne® in today’s world. I am thrilled and can absolutely recommend it!”

More than 2,500 pleased customers

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More than 2.500 satisfied customers