2 Pro

Made for Superhumans.

Power up your body and protect yourself from harmful toxins.
Be among the first in the United States to purchase the popular German Frequency Technology device that helps you live healthier, happier, and better.

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Podcast with Biohacker J. Holland

The Massive Grid Chip 2.0

Optimized neural signals for your body

36,05 mm³ performance volume



The new manufacturing process enables a lifetime of decades. So the QiOne 2 Pro is not only something for you, but for the whole family! Intensive times, demand intensive solutions! 

For every location

You can take it with you to the sauna or swimming pool because it is resistant to heat & chlorine. You can wear it at the gym – sweat does not bother it anymore. And if you forget it in the sun, it doesn’t matter. The ideal companion for every situation.

An ideal price-performance ratio

Compared to its predecessor, the QiOne 2 Pro represents the ideal investment with its 8x performance volume and only the 2x purchase value. 

Performance outpaces the price. More power for your future!

Effect confirmed on human cells!

Study on Immune Cells

Study on Intestinal Cells

Original Microscope Recordings

"With it, I feel focused and kind of complete!"
Max Sanderson from Actuate Impact

Thanks to a new type of chip design your QiOne
   is now 8x stronger!

Increased intuition, increased body-mind communication, intensive connection to the quantum field


Cécile and Misha – The Souldoctors – Koh Phangan, Thailand

„Careful – the QiOne
  is irresistible, once you wear it, you can’t live without it!"

“Earlier this year, I started to notice a slick steel and gold pendant named QiOne®️ hanging around the necks of some athletes, digital nomads, and biohackers.

I was told it supposedly helped them against radiations and much more but to be honest I simply assumed it to be yet another gadget.

This invention is different.

Unlike most products that claim to stop radiations, this technology is about helping the body to thrive in their presence.

Let’s face it, we can’t really stop radiations. So could there be a way to make our bodies strong enough to deal with them? This is the idea behind the QiOne®️ device… 

Just as with everything, it’s the inner changes that are the most powerful and impactful ultimately. so I believe.

So, is there any downside to wearing a QiOne®️?
Yes.. to me it’s highly addictive and it has become hard being without one!

As much as I enjoyed other technologies, I had no issue letting them go. But when I tried to lend my QiOne®️ I so missed it I had to get it back within minutes.

With much love

You can watch the whole interview here

Over 4,000 satisfied users


More than 4000 satisfied customers

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The QiOne® significantly increases the coherent structure of the water. This reaction can easily be seen from the increased surface tension of the water. Your body consists of 99% water molecules. If the proportion of coherent water increases, the following effects in your body are maximized:

Increase body activity

Brain frequencies can spread optimally in coherent water

E-Smog Protection

13% of the electrons of the coherent water are released as an independent electron shell

Active cell protection

Viruses and bacteria cannot penetrate coherent water 

The QiOne® does not contain any electronic components. The specially developed grid chip is decisive for its function. It’s static field shapes the water molecules, largely achieved by the specific atomic positioning of gold atoms. This structure increases the probability that water will build up hydrogen bonds. This state is called coherent water structure and is also known as EZ-Water (extended zone). 

The coherent state of water is self-propagating and the bloodstream evenly distributes it throughout the body.


Measurement 1 – Start
Stressor – inactive
Qi Blanco Systeme – inactive

biol. HRV age (short-term HRV): 56 years.

Measurement 2 – after 13 min
Stressor – active
Qi Blanco Systeme – inactive

biol. HRV age (short-term HRV): 61 years.

Measurement 7 – after 60 min
Stressor – active
Qi Blanco Systeme – active

biol. HRV age (short-term HRV): 47 years

Despite WLAN signals (stressor) from a distance < 1m, the biological HRV age decreased by 14 years when the Qi Blanco systems were activated. This corresponds to a reduction of 23% (measurement 2 / measurement 7).

Production - QiOne
  2 Pro

Qi Blanco is committed to high social, ethical and moral standards. That is why both material procurement and production take place 100% in Germany. Research and administration are also located in Germany.

It is of great value to us that we obtain our fine gold used for the grid chip from ethically responsible sources. In this way we were able to agree with our suppliers to use only gold with an RJC marking. This corresponds to the highest standard in the industry. The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international association of companies in the gold and jewellery

The QiOne 2 Pro is manually assembled in Bavaria in many individual steps.

The basic body of the pendant is made of stainless steel and is manufactured to an accuracy of 6 microns on a high-precision milling and turning machine. The insertion of the high performance grid chip, which was especially designed for the QiOne 2 Pro, is done by cold pressing. Thus both parts literally melt into each other. Afterwards a polishing is done by hand. In the last step, each QiOne 2 Pro passes a quality control. If the quality control is successful, the serial number is engraved by laser.

100% developed and produced in Germany. 

Each QiOne® has a unique serial number.

"I tried a lot - it's the first one I can feel the support!"
Cécile from Soul Doctors

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